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Tree Removal

Tree Removal Services in Grapevine, TX

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Although, we named our tree company Grapevine Tree Removal Services. Tree removal is never our first goal as a tree professional. Even though, we are experts in Grapevine tree removal services, we know that the removal of trees has a negative impact on our enviroment and removal of our trees is not the ideal outcome, however, in circumstances where a tree has died from disease or something has happened where the tree can no longer survive with proper tree care and maintenance, sometimes you may need to remove the tree. Under these circumstances Grapevine Tree Removal Services is equipped to take care of these matters, we have the expertise to know whether or not your Grapevine tree can survive with our help or whether we need to remove the tree. We have the professional equipment to safely remove unwanted trees from your Grapevine property.

Because the tree service industry is the 3rd most dangerous job in the world, it takes an elite and very well trained crew to remove trees properly and any size tree removal big or small should be done by professionals who are insured to protect your property and they should never use ladders to enter a tree nor should you ever allow someone to free climb in your tree without any safety gear. The death rate for tree care professionals is far more worldwide than one would think, yet most climbers continue to take risks that cause these statistic to rise every year. We hook ourselves to a climbing harness while on the job that is recommended by the TCIA which is an industry association designed for tree services. We also thoroughly clean the property after the job is complete ensuring the best experience of service for our clients.